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All quotes are valid 7 days from the date of quote. Estimates

including discounts or other promotional prices are only valid if the client purchases the merchandise within the period of the promotion. Estimated prices on Special Orders and ETA cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to change due to extremely volatile price fluctuation. Final quantities invoiced are considered approved by the client and no responsibility is taken by HD Factory for shortages or excess quantities sold.


In order to confirm and secure an order, a 50% deposit is required. Special order sales are final and have to be fully paid before collection. Max. 30 days between the 1st and 2nd downpayment. HD Factory does not accept down payments on clearance/discounted items. Clearance items are Cash and Carry only.


In order to confirm a Special Order, a 50% deposit is required.

Special Orders are subject to a minimum purchase requirement and can not be returned and/or exchanged. HD Factory is not liable for delays and/or cancellations of Special Orders in the event of Force Majure or Act of God. HD Factory is a reseller and can not be held accountable for any damages or delays caused by the main supplier.


Bank wire transfers have to be received by HD Factory prior to merchandise collection. Banking fees and correct transfer information are the responsibility of the Client(s). Only the amount received will be credited towards the Client(s) account. Any delays in receipt of funds are not the responsibility of HD Factory. Cheques are no longer accepted as a form of payment from January 1st 2022 onwards.


No merchandise can leave the warehouse without an

ORIGINAL and COPY invoice. You must provide both documents to anyone picking up merchandise on your behalf. The ORIGINAL invoice will only be issued once by HD Factory. HD Factory is not responsible for deliveries that are delayed due to traffic, invalid destination information. Merchandise will not be delivered if the Client or its designee is not present. In the event of failing to receive the merchandise by the Client or its designee, the merchandise will be returned to the HD Factory’s Warehouse. The Client is responsible for arranging new delivery. Additional charges apply.


The delivery fee must be paid prior to delivery. The merchandise will be delivered as close to the job site as deemed possible by the driver. Pallets will neither be unpacked, nor transported on places of installation. Deliveries with special requests regarding location, placement and handling are subject to additional charges.


HD Factory is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to orders. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the Client (tariffs, taxes, etc.)


HD Factory is not liable for any damaged or lost products during

shipping. If the Client receives any damaged goods, the Client must refer to the shipment carrier to file a claim. Clients are urged to save all packaging materials and damaged goods before filing a claim. If the Client claims that the goods where damaged under Company supervision, the Client must provide valid proof such as photos, shipping/delivery slips, sample of damaged goods etc.


We only accept returns of full boxes of merchandise, in stock, within 15 days of purchase that have been approved by the HD Factory Management. No Cash refunds. We DO NOT accept returns  of mosaics, sanitary ware, consignment items, End of Stock,  Clearance Sale merchandise and Special Orders. HD Factory reserves the right to refuse any credit for unworthy goods. All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.


No responsibility can be accepted for incorrect product, shade variation or crazing after installation. Claims against breakage or damaged goods must be reported within 48 hours upon goods’ reception. HD Factory is not responsible for incorrect installation of goods; clients must follow all manufacturers’ instructions regarding use of purchased goods. Installed merchandise is considered accepted; therefore no refund or credit can be issued.


HD Factory will gladly store your goods for free after purchase or reception of Special Orders up to 30 days excluding clearance/ discounted goods. Additional time will be charged at a minimum daily rate of $5 a pallet. HD Factory is not liable for damages, breakages and/or delays in the event of Force Majure or act of God. These events can be, but are not limited to; hurricane, (tropical) storm, earth quakes, lockdowns, blackouts, unexpected legislation, strikes or any other slowdowns.


All natural stones such as: facheleta, balinese stone, marble, travertine and terra cotta are sold on the understanding that it is a natural product and therefore subject to variation in color and veining. HD Factory will not be liable for any such variations. We do not accept returns of natural stone.


All mixed materials such as wood, glass and pool mosaic are sold on the understanding that it is a natural product and therefore subject to variation in colors and veining. HD Factory will not be liable for any such variations. We do not accept returns of mosaics and mixed materials.


Tiles may subject to variation in caliber and tonality from one batch to the next. HD Factory is not liable for any inconvenience caused by such production variations.


Merchandise can only be returned if authorized by Management and is still sealed in the original packaging. No acceptance of damaged and used sanitary ware merchandise. HD Factory is in no way liable for wrongly purchased Bathroom & Sanitary Products. HD Factory is not responsible for incorrect installation of goods; clients must follow all manufacturers instruction regarding the use and installation of goods. HD Factory does not accept any returns on bathroom accessories.


No acceptance of opened/damaged containers/bags of installation and maintenance products such as, but not limited to: grout, thin-set, epoxy grout, cleaning products and sealants.


HD Factory is in no way liable for incorrect use of tools. We urge our Customers to follow all factory instructions and safety measures when using any (power) tools. No returns on open packaging and

tool accessories.


Clients are solely responsible for supplying HD Factory with correct technical information. We do no accept any returns or exchanges on custom items and services such as our tile cutting service. Custom items/ Services always require a minimum 50% downpayment. Customer must complete the full payment on the date of collection. Without the full payment, no merchandise can be collected from HD Factory.


HD Factory processes all warranty claims according the original supplier’s warranty guidelines.


HD Factory is not liable for any damages/breakages caused in the event that the Client fails and/or ignores to follow HD Factory’s standard loading procedures. These damages are, but not limited to, merchandise breakage, damages to any vehicular and/or bodily injuries.


Opening hours and services may vary due to holidays, Local Laws, Emergencies and general maintenance. HD Factory is not responsible for any inconvenience this may cause.


HD Factory reserves the right to take legal action against Clients

that display the following, but not limited to deceitful behavior, unfair dealing or other acts in bad faith, such as knowingly accepting merchandise not invoiced, using counterfeit invoices, double collection of merchandise, accepting incorrect quantities of merchandise.


HD Factory reserves the right to take immediate legal actions upon detecting the following, but not limited to, counterfeit money and/or legal documents submitted by Clients, vendors, suppliers and contractors.


These General Terms & Conditions apply to other documents issued by HD Factory such as Estimates, Orders, but not limited to, statements, regardless date of publication.


Please contact for any further assistance, questions, suggestion and/or complaints pertaining to these General Terms & Conditions.

HD FACTORY  2022-2023

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