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Design Consultation

XL Tile Measuring and Cutting Service

For when you need more inspiration or information about your tile choice, we can help you realise your ideas into plans. We offer samples of all the tiles to ensure you've made the right choice. Schedule an appointment with our in-house Interior Designer  to get you started and create a beautiful space.

Measure twice, cut once. Even more when you opt for a couple of our XL Format tiles. XL Tiles need more care when it comes to handling and installing them. We are happy to arrange your XL Tiling; cut to size and expert installation. Contact us for more or stop by our store for more info about how to get started with your XL Format Tiles. 



From our store to your home, we gladly help getting your order to you without any hassle. HD Factory offers delivery for Sint Maarten and Saint Martin.  Delivery fees vary per order size. Ask your Salesperson for more information about our Delivery Service. 

Off Island Shipping Options

We arrange delivery to shipping services companies in connection to:

  • Saba

  • Statia

  • Anguilla

  • St. Barthelemy

  • St. Kitts/Nevis

Contact your Sales Representative for more information about our Delivery Services. 

We carry all the installation material you need for your project, from thinset to advanced epoxy grout options. Besides installation products, we carry all the essential cleaning and sealing products for your tiles.

Besides installation products, all the essential tile cleaning and sealing products are also available. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you’ll enjoy years of aesthetics and optimal performance from your floor, wall, and countertop tile or stone. 


HD Factory does not offer tile installation services; however, we will be happy to refer to you to certified tilers who can assist you.

Online Catalog

All of our products in one handy place. Browse through our Online Catalogs and get to know more about our products and technical information of each product. 

Loyalty Program: HD PROselect

All year low prices on our PROselect collection of tiles, installation and maintenance products. Sign up and receive Members-Only benefits and exclusive offers via our Newsletter.  

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